Submit Your Ten Minute Play

Each semester, the Ten Minute Play Workshop (TMPW) project workshops 50 ten-minute plays. If you want to submit a script to be considered for a workshop session, read on! If your script is selected, you'll be invited to signup as an author. We'll also ask you to give back to the workshopping community by participating in two workshop sessions for other authors.

How does it work? Fifty times each semester, we meet online (web cam or phone, through GoToMeeting), do introductions, cast and read the script and then do a workshop for responses. We record the audio of the session and then publish the audio recording on the internet as a podcast for the world to hear. But wait, there's more! We put your script on the TMPW website alongside the podcast, so folks can read along and, if you're lucky, give you feedback even after the workshop is over.

TMPW is now accepting submissions of ten-minute plays that authors are interested in having workshopped during the 2013 spring semester. How do you know if you should submit your ten-minute play? First, you need to be ready to have your script workshopped. We take this stuff seriously, and anyone who has had a good workshop done on their writing knows it can be a valuable experience and give you insight into your characters, their voices, and your story.

We use the TMPW Workshopping Principles when doing the critique, and when we get you on the horn to be a part of the workshop, we expect you to subscribe to the TMPW Author Workshopping Principles. We are all active writers and our aim is always to help each other along the writing road, but, as you know, being a writer means always having to hone your words, your craft. You need to be open and, you need to have enough perspective to be able to hear your work through someone else's ears.

If you've made it this far and are still reading, you should definitely submit that manuscript that you were writing before you started cruising the web and found Come on - you know you want to!

Now, the Mandatory Legal Part of Ten Minute Play Workshop
By submitting your script to the e-mail address listed below, you agree to the following:
Ten Minute Play Workshop is a totally volunteer effort; if you're lucky, we may send you a Ten Minute Play Workshop t-shirt. If you choose to submit your script, and it is selected, you agree to have it be workshopped by TMPW volunteers which is comprised of a reading of your script and the workshop comments recorded and posted as a public podcast on the internet. You agree to release all TMPW workshop participants, their heirs and assigns, from any and all liability related to all Ten Minute Play Workshop activities. No one at TMPW receives any kind of income from the workshops, and you shouldn't expect to, either. You will not be paid for your script being workshopped. If your script is selected to be workshopped and the podcast is published, you agree to have the manuscript you submitted published on the Ten Minute Play Workshop website ( as a downloadable PDF file until such time as that website no longer exists. You, of course, retain all copyright to your work.

OK, you got through the legal part - congratulations! To submit your play, e-mail your submission as a PDF file to Scripts should be no more than ten pages, excluding the title and cast pages. Please use the standard playwriting format; it makes your play so much easier to read (, a great playwriting resource, provides  on their website). Jen responds to every e-mail message she gets; you can expect a response within a few days of submission.