How the Workshops Work

Each workshop is a twenty minute session. Here are the details:

If you are an author, guest professor, or participant, signed upon the , you will receive the GoToMeeting link two days before the workshop session. The e-mail message you receive will include instructions for connecting to the session. You can choose to use live video through a web cam on your computer (or smartphone/tablet) or audio through a microphone on your computer (the built-in microphones work fine) or simply dial-in on a telephone.

The workshop sessions go like this:
  • We start with introductions to get to know who is participating. Each workshop usually has the author of the script about to be workshopped, and up to four workshoppers and the host, Jen Whiting. The intros usually take about a minute.
  • We then cast the script and read the ten-minute play. This usually takes about ten minutes.
  • Minutes 11-19 are spent doing the actual workshopping, covering the critical elements of the play itself.
  • The last minute is reserved for the author to ask any final questions and get responses from the workshoppers.
  • And, that's it! The whole session's audio is recorded and then posted as a podcast on the Ten Minute Play Workshop web site (