About the TMPW Project

The Ten Minute Play Workshop (TMPW) idea hit me one night as a playwriting course with at  was coming to an end. Professor Basham's course focused on writing and workshopping ten-minute plays, and the group of students who were a part of the course really dug into the workshopping we did each week. I quickly realized I had found a missing link in my writing: an audience that would help me understand what was working and what wasn't with my scripts! As the semester was drawing to a close, I approached Professor Basham and asked if she would be willing to sponsor a semester-long independent study project focused on workshopping. I wanted to study the craft of leading workshop sessions, and the ten-minute play seemed like the perfect length script.

The project took form during the fall of 2012. The first semester of the Ten Minute Play Workshop (TMPW) ran 50 sessions. You can listen to all of the sessions on this web site by using the "Blog Archive" section on the right-hand menu. When the project came to a close, I put what I had learned about workshopping ten-minute plays into a little book.

After that first semester, TMPW was such fun I decided to keep it going. We have sessions going on several days each week now. You can submit your script, sign up for a session, or read the workshopping principles we use (workshopping principles for authors | workshopping principles for workshoppers).

The TMPW project is hopefully a win-win for everyone:
  • the participants get to practice their critiquing skills
  • the author of the script has their work read, workshopped and posted on the TMPW website for even more comments and feedback from site visitors
  • I get to practice leading workshop sessions, and continue to write about it
  • and, there'll be some TMPW t-shirts and hats going around as well!
And, of course, I'm always up for hearing about new ideas... drop me an e-mail if the mood strikes you.

Jen Whiting