TMPW: The Book!

The Ten Minute Play Workshop project has been published! Get your copy of A Student's Guide to Workshopping the Ten Minute Play as a downloadable PDF (right now!) or order a paperback copy to dog-ear and throw in your bag.

About the Book

You know what it feels like. You’re about to have one of your scripts workshopped for the first time and the bottom of your stomach is falling through the floor.

Or, you’ve been asked to workshop someone else’s script during a playwriting course and you think to yourself, “I didn’t know ‘workshop’ was a verb!”

Whatever the case, this little book will prepare you to participate in ten-minute play workshop sessions as a facilitator, author or workshopper. And, it can be read in the time it takes to do a load of laundry. So throw your clothes in the washer and settle in – the workshops are about to begin!

About the Author

Jen Whiting is an author and a student. She earned her bachelor's degree from in her mid-forties and is currently pursuing her at . You can connect with Jen by e-mail at

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