Sunday, March 31, 2013

With readers like Arthur Holden and Ellen Steves, we couldn't let this session go by! Thomas Heine's script, "" was workshopped without Thomas (time zone mixup), but by the end of the piece, we knew we had to publish the workshop because the script was so fantastic! Not to mention how much fun it was to listen to Arthur and Ellen read the script!

My thanks to Arthur and Ellen for reading and workshopping this piece with me.

You can  or catch it as an episode in the .

If you want to hear the most controversial script we've done on TMPW to-date, and also listen to a rousing workshop, this is the session for you!

Ellen Steves' "" is a script with a notion of truth that can be seen as offensive, ludicrous, thought-provoking, intriguing, or just downright foreign (each responses that surfaced during the workshop).

The script is tightly-written, has an amazing tempo and delivers a topic to the audience that is full of life, and questions, and... well... a sense of taboo.

My thanks to Ellen for bringing this script to TMPW and to Aimee Valentine, Jefferson Navicky, Jean Yeager and John Gamel for workshopping it with me!

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Real Carpentier's script, "," takes one down a rocky, tough road of emotion, but the trip is well worth it.

The script is an eloquent exchange of thoughts and emotions about terminal illness, with poignancy sprinkled throughout.

My thanks to Real for charing his script with us and to John Gamel and Maddie Valentine for workshopping it with me.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Helicopters, dorm rooms, the sometimes-not-so-subtle nudge and presence of parents in our lives -- Stefan Lanfer's script, "" brings it all together.

This is a great read, and we had a lot of fun putting it through a workshop session. My internet connection was a bit weak tonight, so it introduced a delay in the audio, but this one is worth a read and a listen!

My thanks to Stefan for sharing his script with us and to Tom Heine and Jean Yeager for workshopping it with me!

You can  or catch it as an episode in the .

Lynn-Steven Johanson's "" is a hoot!

Love, sex, the "what if" of the end of the world... it really has it all in there! We had a great time workshopping this script - my thanks to Lynn for sharing his script and to Tom Misuraca, Larry Rinkel and Tony Pezzula for workshopping it with me!

You can  or catch it as an episode in the .

Tom Misuraca has done it again! His script, "" is another fun and fast-paced script that tethers characters to each other in a way that makes me want to be a part of the cast!

I'm going to keep this short, but encourage you to listen to the audio recording of the session to hear the piece for yourself!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Larry Rinkel's script, ", will make you smarter!

The focus of the script is classical music, young, future success and old, bitter failure, and by the end of the reading, I felt like I had gotten the first semester of classical music training young composers get (and even felt the highs and lows of putting creative work out for review... much like TMPW)! The character development is tight, and the tempo of the plot progression sweeps along. This was a fun read and a script that made me smarter from start to finish.

We spent the workshop talking about if it is necessary to completely explain the music references, especially in relation to the title, and I had a blast working this script!

My thank to Larry for sharing his script and to Alison Leshowitz, Michael Eichler, and Paul Handley for workshopping the script with me.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

If you are looking for a fun script that reads like butter, or to Anthony Pezzula's "."

It is tight, it has rhythm, and it delighted us in workshop. And, of course, I can't give the ending away!

My thanks to Tony for sharing his script and to Nick Kloppenberg and Lynn Johansen for reading and workshopping the piece with me.

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Coming to you live from the women's room of my local is TMPW Session #70! Tonight was a crazy Internet connection situation at my house, so I made my way to the nearest Internet I could think of (my local Dunkin Donuts), and ducked into the women's room to get as much quiet as possible. Can you imagine what the Dunkin Donuts staff members were thinking for the 90 minutes I was reading scripts aloud in the women's room?! My thanks to Dunkin Donuts for their hospitality... Arthur suggested that I write a ten-minute play about hosting a session from the women's room in Dunkin Donuts. I may have to title it "Pottie-casting!"

But wait, let's get back to this session! Gene Griffith's script, , is a BLAST to read, hear and workshop! I can't say enough about what fun Gene's script is. And, Arthur Holden joined in a session again (he says, "Gene's title made me sign up!") and read three of the characters, and again, gave TMPW an all-star performance!

There are eight characters (originally we counted seven, but an eighth snuck in mid-way through!) and I wouldn't trade the fun of this workshop for all the donuts in the store!

Oh, and here's a link to the book I mention in the introductions: The Heart Specialist by Claire Holden Rothman ( | ). I spent the weekend reading this and got behind in my writing assignments for my MFA program but this book is more than anything I have ever read before. If you want to plunge into a delicate telling of a most compelling story, read this book!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wow - all I have to say is that doing a workshop with a seasoned workshopper/playwright (John Byrne, see his scripts in  and Session #59) and two theater critics/playwrights (Rory Leahy from Chicago and Victor Wishna from Kansas City) is such fun I can't stand it!

Dara Silverman offered up her script "," a piece that was born from the "Occupy" movement that was happening in her hometown a year ago.

Silverman's script is tight and reflective and ironic all at the same time. She highlights historical anarchist theory while she moves modern-day anarchist characters into the light of humanism. This script was not only run to read, it was a blast to workshop.

You can or catch it as an episode in the .

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Christopher Adams' "" is one in a series of scripts Adams is working on. The series is a treatment of biblical stories re-told with modern twists.

This script looks at the apple in the Garden of Eden from the perspective of a post-apocalyptic time when two lovers debate the worth of the apple, and the orchard it may produce. Adams' script has oodles of opportunities for analysis, and Tom Misuraca (see Tom's script "" in ) and I had a blast reading the script and working through the workshop.

You can of the session or catch it as an episode in the .

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sadly, Session #68 must have been a scheduling conflict for the author, so the session didn't run.

My thanks to Max Gill and Steve Koppman for signing in, though, and having a nice chat.

Enjoy your evening, everyone.