Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TMPW Session #67: L. B. Londagin's "First Rodeo"

Lori Londagin's "" is an insight into teenage girls, high school wrestling and the inner thoughts of girls as they come of age. And, it is a hoot to read!

Read by John Byrne and C. J. Ehrlich, Lori and myself, the script gave us lots to chew on and absorb during the workshop. I loved the ebb and flow of the script, and how Londagin captures the dialogue of teenagers. Wrestling is as foreign to me as most other countries, but by the end of the script I felt like I could at least lurk at a wrestling match without looking foolish.

John and C. J. and I spent most of the workshop working through what we wanted more of, and Londagin took it all in. This is a dynamic script!

My thanks to Lori for sharing her script and to John and C. J. for workshopping it with me.

You can  of the session, or catch it within the next day or so in the  on iTunes.

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