Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TMPW Session #66: Sam Graber's "College"

Session #66 was the first time an author asked for a "Go, No Go" on a script. Sam Graber asked for this as we workshopped a play he had "dusted off from the attic" and wanted to know if we (and he) heard enough meat in the script for him to work it some more.

"" was a fun read, and we spent the workshop weighing the merits and the way it felt like two plots, almost, or two parts of a story that could become a longer piece.

In the end, however, after listening to us weigh the pros and cons of his script, Graber himself declared it a "no go." Fascinating. It took us 66 sessions to get here, but here we are: the ultimate litmus test for an author who knows his writing well enough to be able to identify when the script isn't one he wants to continue developing. I love it!

My thanks to Sam for, once again, being an amazing, ground-breaking author in a TMPW session (you can read/hear another of Graber's scripts, "Driving Herd," in ). Note: "Driving Herd" is being produced by Between Us Productions in NYC in the , March 19-24, 2013.

And, my thanks to Christopher Adams, Larry Rinkel and Samantha Oty for workshopping the piece with me!

You can of the session, or catch it within the next day or so in the  on iTunes.

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