Sunday, February 24, 2013

TMPW Session #65: Stephen Baily's "Confessions of a Chat Room Romeo"

Stephen Baily's script, "," rides the rails of humor and sex and confessionals and the confluence of these three in - and about - online chat room sessions.

The reading I got to do with Arthur Holden was the most fun I've ever had reading a script on TMPW. Holden is a Canadian voice actor and author and reading Baily's script with him was a blast!

And the script itself was a poignant telling - and asking - of the questions the internet introduced into our lives and what we are to do with them. When I first read a script by Baily last fall ("A Dozen Roses" in ), I knew I liked his work, and tonight's session made me feel that way again!

My thanks to Stephen for sharing his wonderful script with us, and to Merv Kaufman and Arthur Holden for reading and workshopping the script with me.

You can of the session.

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  1. cate vincent

    Yes! You were all correct!

    Nemo in his underwear with his pot belly would make a luscious lemon pie of a play...

    And if the doctor were furiously looking up answers in heavy textbooks, whipped cream topping...