Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TMPW Session #60: Jeremy Carey's "Arete"

Jeremy Carey's script, "," is full of life, conflict and, after the cold read of his script during this session, we all wanted more of it!

Libba Beacham, John Gamel and Merv Kaufman joined in the session as we had a blast talking about the difference between making the conflict more focused and remaining a ten-minute play or allowing the multiple threads of conflict to unravel on themselves a bit more (and drawing us deeper into their web) if the script was expanded into a one-act or full-length script.

Either way, I loved the dialogue and interactions between the characters in Carey's script and thank Jeremy for sharing his script with us. My thanks also go to Libba, John and Merv for such a poignant workshop session!

You can of the session.

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