Friday, February 8, 2013

TMPW Session 58: Greg Abbott's "Safety First"

I should probably start by posting a false address and identity. Greg Abbott's script, "," will either get us all tracked down by some agency or the web site shut down for some unknown reason!

This script is provocative, political and what it leaves behind after all the words have been spoken is heavy-duty. I know that's a fragment, but I need it to be. I am still feeling the impact of the script, so yes, it's heavy-duty.

The workshop was done by John Gamel and me, with Greg reading the stage direction. My facilitator skills were put to the test to keep the workshop about the script and not the politics of the piece; we'll know whether or not I succeeded if indeed the TMPW website stays up for more sessions!

This script was originally written for a radio broadcast, and Greg was looking for input about transitioning it to the stage. I recommend reading along with the audio recording, as John and I hadn't rehearsed the timing of the lines, so you'll get the meaning more succinctly if you read the script, too.

My thanks to Greg for sharing his amazing script and to John for becoming a true comrade-in-arms and TMPW'ing with me every week!

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