Friday, February 15, 2013

Interested in an Online Workshopping Group for Your Full-Length Play?

TMPW is such fun that I can only imagine what having a group of folks to workshop full-length plays would be like! John Gamel approached me about using the TMPW model of online workshopping to workshop a full-length play and, as we got to talking, I thought, "Why not?!" But, this will be a little different. We're thinking that we'd get a small group of playwrights (five or six folks, max) together who are all currently working on a play and meet online once/week for ten weeks (day and time to be determined by the group) to workshop through each person's work. Readings, workshopping, recordings -- the whole bit!

If you're currently working on a full-length (one-act or multi-act) play and would like to be a member of a workshopping group that uses the GoToMeeting software to meet once/week online, drop me a note at

We can record the readings and the workshops, just like the ten-minute play sessions, but this would be a dedicated group of folks who workshop together once/week for ten weeks. Interested? Let me know.

Jen Whiting

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