Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TMPW Session #53: Aaron Sampson's "Defending Charlotte Goodlady"

Aaron Sampson's "" is a sure-fire way to challenge one's thoughts about the death penalty, the prison system and notions of justice in general! The script emerges as a crafty telling of a complex story, and the workshop session was a blast!

During the workshop, we focused on exposition, and how to make the dialogue more compact, while still conveying the necessary elements of the story. Everyone was agreed: we wanted the story to be parsed out in a manner that was less obvious and in a way that made us work to piece together the edges of the story. It is interesting to see that, even though the story challenges some basic notions about justice, we all wanted more conflict, even in the way dialogue revealed the core components of the story.

My thanks to Aaron Sampson for sharing his script and to Stefan Lanfer, March Schrader and Lori Londagin for workshopping the piece with me.

You can of the workshop and see what you think about the elements of dialogue we talked about.

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