Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Theodore D. Kemper's script, "," is powerful. That was the word we all came to as we responded Powerful, Loudest Portable Speakers under 100.

The workshop focused on the articulating character actions and dialogue, the elements of the plot that made us hesitate or distracted a bit, and if the ending gave the impression the playwright was going for. The workshop was rich with discussion of the parts of the script that moved us so powerfully and also pin-pointed a few areas we wanted to be tighter. A true workshopping experience, and one which I appreciated and enjoyed being a part of.

My thanks to Theodore for sharing his script with us and to Lindsay Doukopoulos and Larry Rinkel for reading and workshopping with me. What a great script and workshop for Session 100!

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You've been there before. The waiting room of a doctor's office. That place you didn't want to be. And with those people you didn't want to be with.

Allison Leshowitz's script, "," is a hilarious telling of what can happen when two patients combust in a waiting room. Funny plot twists, dialogue that distinguishes the characters and a pace that is a win for this first-time author all made Leshowitz's script a blast to read and workshop!

My thanks to Allison for sharing her script with us and to Larry Rinkel, Lindsay Doukopoulos and Elena Tabachnick for reading and workshopping the play with me.

You can  or catch it as an episode in the .

CJ Ehrlich's script, "," is a comedic script that was a blast to read and workshop.

Ehrlich's script is filled with references to celebrity culture. Characters try to break into a world that is not their own, and the ensuing story carries the reader deep into the heart of their longing. A relationship, complete with its own foibles, follows the action, littering the emotions with all those things that are familiar. This is a truly fun script!

My thanks to CJ for sharing her script with us and to John Byrne, Aurin Squire and Larry Rinkel for workshopping the piece with me.

You can  or catch it as an episode in the .

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gina Femia's script, "," not only takes one through the end of the world, it allows the reader to wonder what their own response would be.

The script flows naturally, dialogue ebbing and reaching through the torrents of change that precede an inevitable end. It was read and workshopped by Elena Tabachnick and Arthur Holden, and their reading was truly a pleasure to listen to. Watch out, though, this script will left me with a Sixties tune that I still can't get out of my head!

My thanks to Gina for sharing her script with us, and to Elena and Arthur for workshopping it with me.

You can  or catch it as an episode in the .